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Extensive, innovative dewulf~miedema range at Interpom

The 18th European indoor trade fair for the potato and vegetable sector, Interpom, will be held at the KortrijkXpo (BE) from 27 to 29 November. dewulf~miedema will be a prominent exhibitor, with a very advanced range of potato harvesting machines. Every professional user will find a solution for their specific requirements. Come and discover it all at booth 413 and join us in celebrating Dewulf's 70th anniversary...    


Miedema MS 2000

2-row lifted belt planter

This hydraulically driven belt planter is a light, compact machine that is very suitable for quickly and accurately planting a wide variety of seed material. The combination is very short and agile, making short headlands no problem. This belt planter can easily plant in beds, even on sloping plots thanks to the Hill-Master option. The advanced HMI control makes it easy to perform any and all changes from the cabin of the tractor

Miedema CP 42

4-row lifted cup planter

Short and manoeuvrable, the lifted CP 42 is the best choice for potato growers who desire high capacity. The mounted planter is ideal for working with small headlands, allowing you to make optimal use of your parcel.  The latest innovation, Erosion-Stop, gives a remarkable boost to the potato grower’s yield. This hydraulically driven, patented machine is mounted on the ridging hood and builds up erosion barriers with the soil between the ridges. This technique minimises soil erosion and improves each individual potato plant’s access to water, nutrients and air.


Miedema CP 42 Smart-Float NEW

4-row trailed cup planter

Fully automatically maintaining a constant working depth of the soil cultivation while achieving the highest precision during planting, immediately followed by ridging... it can be done with the Miedema CP 42 Smart-Float. Sensors continuously measure the available quantity of processed soil. The depth of the new Varix CB cultivator is then automatically adjusted accordingly. The ridging hood with MR-Control creates a perfect ridge, with optimal shape and compaction. In addition to ultimate ease-of-use, the Miedema Smart-Float offers multiple advantages. By combining seedbed preparation, planting and ridging in one pass, you save time, money and man hours. Miedema will also show their new spray set for the trailed planters in Farmer and Regular configuration.


Dewulf RF3060

2-row self-propelled potato harvester with bunker and Flexyclean®

The Dewulf R3060 has been a trendsetter in the 2-row, 3-wheeled self-propelled potato harvester segment for over 27 years. The introduction of the RF3060 represents the ninth version, which is fitted with the revolutionary Flexyclean® cleaning module, a patented variable bypass system in combination with axial rollers. Thanks to the RF3060 it is now possible to accommodate quickly changing conditions during harvesting and adapt the cleaning intensity without having to shift the harvester's centre of gravity. With Flexyclean® it is possible to distribute the potatoes from 0 to 100% over the axial rollers and still keep fall heights to a minimum. Quite simply, with the RF3060 you always have the desired level of cleaning, while the high quality of the final product is guaranteed.


Dewulf Kwatro NEW

4-row self-propelled potato harvester with bunker and Flexyclean®

Those who want maximum product-friendliness choose a Dewulf Kwatro. Thanks to the frontal harvesting the potato ridges remain undamaged. The 900 mm wide tracks and the optional super-wide rear wheel (Mitas 1250/50 R32) ensure minimum soil compaction so harvesting can continue even in extremely wet conditions. The sieving path is comprised of a succession of a short digger web and two sieving conveyors without constrictions. This unrestricted flow in the machine ensures maximum sieving capacity while allowing very high travel speeds to be attained during the harvest. The substantial bunker capacity of 17.5 m³ ensures optimum productivity and the capacity of a true 4-row harvester!

Dewulf RA2060

2-row trailed offset harvester with bunker and Easy-Clean

This 2-row trailed offset harvester is known for its strong cleaning power. No other trailed potato harvester achieves the capacity of the R2060. The sieving path consists of three sieving conveyors, a lower hedgehog unit, a cleaning module and an upper hedgehog unit. The R2060 has the largest tyre size in its class, keeping ground pressure to an absolute minimum.  The harvester is fitted standard with an 11 m³ bunker capable of unloading on the move.


Miedema combi MHC 241 SZ12

Combi machine with soil discharge conveyor and store loader

The Miedema transfer combi MHC 241 SZ12 creates the total solution for buffering, cleaning, inspecting and transporting your product. This combi is a large capacity machine that provides maximum cleaning through the use of 12 coil rollers along with two retractable Smart-Pins. Thanks to the integrated inspection table you are able to fill the shed or truck with a perfectly clean product.


Miedema MC NEW

Single and duo belts

The Miedema MC series are more than ordinary transport conveyors. The 80 cm wide trough belt has a high capacity of over 130 tonnes/h at a belt speed of 40 m/min. The fact that the conveyor lies on top of the frame guarantees maximum quality of the conveyed product. The MC series optimally matches the user's needs. The single-conveyor models are available in 6.5, 8.5 and 10 metre lengths, while the duo belts are available in lengths of 13, 17 and 20 metres. A wide range of options, which include a belt weighing system with an accuracy of over 99%, inspection lighting, inspection unit, comfort package and more, contribute to making this a custom tailored machine.


Miedema ML NEW

Store loaders

The ML series is characterised by a modern design and utilises the latest technologies. The 80 cm wide and deep trough belt has a high capacity of over 150 tonnes/h at a product-friendly conveyor belt speed. The wide conveyor belt lies completely free from the frame, which allows 100% utilisation of its surface and ensures maximum quality retention of the conveyed product. The transport conveyor has a nodding end for perfect discharge when filling storage buildings or lorries. The store loaders are available in lengths of 16, 19 or 22 metres and can be completely configured to customer specifications, through the choice of three filling programs: Farmer, Comfort and Dynamic.


Miedema MB 33

Box filler

The MB 33 is a box filler with a capacity of up to 60 boxes per hour. The boxes are partially filled in layers by nodding the filling belt and shifting it in the box. Thanks to the arrester flaps on the nodding section of the filling belt, maximum product friendliness is guaranteed. The product sensor at the end determines whether the filling belt should be shifted or nodded. The homogeneous filling of the boxes ensures even ventilation in the box. The last layer is filled with the conveyor nodded.

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