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Innovation is key at dewulf~miedema with the launch of the Torro at Potato Europe ’17

dewulf~miedema, full-line supplier of potato and carrot processing machinery, will this year once again present its innovative technology for the potato harvest during the main event of the sector, Potato Europe. Although the foremost specialist will be present with an impressive number of machines, the main eye-catcher will be the unveiling of Torro. This long-awaited light, 2-row trailed offset harvester with bunker will be officially launched at the trade show. In addition, dewulf~miedema will give numerous demonstrations of harvesting and storage technology and can be visited at the trade stand V455.


The following dewulf~miedema machines can be discovered either in the field or on the company’s trade stand (V455) at Potato Europe ’17:

Dewulf Torro: light, 2-row trailed sieving harvester with bunker

Torro will be revealed for the first time at Potato Europe and can expect considerable interest from the sector. This 2-row trailed offset harvester with bunker places an emphasis on the product quality of the potatoes during harvesting. For this reason, the compact, light offset harvester is equipped with various innovative features unique for its specific segment. Furthermore, Torro guarantees the highest possible product quality and combines harvesting capacity with minimum requirements in regard to tractor performance.

Dewulf Torro - teaser

Dewulf RF3060: 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester with Flexyclean® and bunker

Thanks to a quarter century of unmistakable craftsmanship, the R3060 has become renowned in the segment of 2-row self-propelled sieving harvesters. Due to its modular construction, the harvester is available in no fewer than nine different versions. This self-propelled harvester is equipped with the revolutionary Flexyclean® cleaning unit, a patented variable bypass system in combination with axial rollers, which responds perfectly to the prevailing harvesting conditions. With the RF3060, the intensity of the cleaning can be adjusted from 0 to 100% without changing the harvester’s centre of gravity. Because the drop heights are limited to a minimum, a high quality of the end product is always guaranteed.

Dewulf RF3060

Dewulf Kwatro: 4-row self-propelled sieving harvester with Flexyclean® and bunker

The Dewulf Kwatro is known as the master in the field, always and everywhere. The harvester was the first 4-row machine on the market that combined frontal harvesting with a traditional sieving path, a hedgehog unit and cleaning modules and featuring the largest bunker (17.5 m³) on the market. The sieving path of the second generation is comprised of a succession of a short digger web and two sieving conveyors without constrictions. As a result of this wide and unrestricted flow in the machine, the Kwatro ensures maximum sieving capacity. The clever weight distribution of this harvester is remarkable. The 900 mm wide tracks and the optional extra-wide rear wheel (Mitas 1250/50R32) provide a perfectly flat ground with minimal compacting after harvesting.

Dewulf Kwatro


Dewulf RA2060: 2-row trailed offset harvester with cleaning unit and bunker

The R2060 harvester is a true high capacity machine in the segment of 2-row trailed sieving harvesters and is available in six different versions. This offset harvester utilises three sieving conveyors, hedgehog unit 1, a cleaning unit (axial, easy-clean or a sieving module) and hedgehog unit 2. The R2060 has the largest tyre size in its class, keeping ground pressure to an absolute minimum. As standard, the harvester is fitted with an 11 m³ bunker capable of unloading on the move.

Dewulf RA2060

Miedema MS 2000: 2-row trailed belt planter

The hydraulically driven MS 2000 belt planter is the best solution for quickly and accurately planting a large variety of seed material. The advanced HMI control (Human Machine Interface) makes it easy to perform any and all changes from the tractor cabin. The large 3000 kg bunker capacity and GPS guidance provide maximum capacity during the planting season. The MS 2000 can be delivered in combination with lattice rollers for the use on lighter soil types.

Miedema MS2000

Miedema MH 241: Receiving hopper with Flexible Grader

The MH series is ideal for a wide range of sorting requirements and is suitable for medium-sized to large storage companies and growers. The robust construction of the chassis ensures the highest durability on the market. The robust, especially hardened bunker chain guarantees a maximum service life with a minimum degree of maintenance and is equipped with automatic oil system. The 12 spiral rollers ensure perfect cleaning without haulm becoming trapped in the roller. Waste under the receiving hopper is avoided by means of a flat conveyor along the entire width below the rollers. The optional Flexible Grader can be easily installed downstream of the receiving hopper, ensuring that the product can be easily sorted.

Miedema MH241 


Miedema MC 780S: Single transport conveyor with a length of 7 m

The Miedema MC series is more than a range of ordinary transport conveyors. The 80 cm wide trough belt has a high capacity of more than 130 tonnes/h at a belt speed of 40 m/min. Because the conveyor is located on top of the frame, the maximum quality of the conveyed product is guaranteed. Additionally, the MC can be equipped with a unique weighing system with an accuracy of > 99.5%. This provides insight in the capacity per hour and the current conveyor speed, which for example is highly useful for precision agriculture.

Miedema MC780S


Miedema ML 1980: 80 cm wide store loader

This store loader with a length of 19 m is characterised by a modern design and utilises the latest technologies. The 80 cm wide and deep trough belt has a high capacity of more than 150 tonnes/h at a product-friendly belt speed. The wide conveyor belt is completely free from the frame, which allows 100 % utilisation of its surface and ensures maximum quality retention of the conveyed product. The store loader has a nodding end for perfect discharge when filling storage buildings or lorries.

Miedema ML1980


Miedema MB 111: Automatic box filler

With the MB 111, a high capacity is ensured by means of the continuous product supply to the boxes with a minimum of supporting forklift movements. The boxes are loaded automatically in 3 layers by allowing the box to lower and then by moving the wide buffer conveyor. In the course of this, the product sensor determines whether the buffer conveyor must be moved or if the box must be lowered. When the box is full, a closure flap closes automatically at the far end of the buffer conveyor. While the buffer conveyor is filled, a new box is moved to the filling position. In this manner, the same capacity is maintained and it is possible to fill more than 80 boxes/h. Moreover, the product flow can be supplied from 3 sides, as a result of which the MB 111 box filler is highly flexible in any space.

Miedema MB111

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