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Miedema 75 years !

Miedema was founded in 1940 by farmer's son Lykele Miedema. The production of farm trailers and hay conveyors started in the Frisian Winsum.

After an end had come to the postwar scarcity of raw materials, the factory made a rapid growth, the Dutch farmer mechanized. Lykele Miedema continued thinking about the possibilities to make agricultural work more efficient. Each machine had to improve the quality of the product or had to be labor-saving.

After 75 years in existence Miedema still has the same goal of farmer's son Lykele Miedema. We have developed into a leading company with focus on innovation. With our skilled and dedicated employees, we strive to build machines of the highest level, with which we enable farmers to achieve the best possible result.

We are very proud of this great jubilee. Today Miedema is a leading brand in the agricultural sector. After the merger with Dewulf, both brands together deliver a complete product range for potato growers. Machines that allow farmers to work more effectively,  that are easy to operate and will increase the efficiency of every potato grower. We see a nice common future ahead.

Miedema Landbouwwerktuigenfabriek BV
Kleasterdyk 43
8831 XA Winsum
The Netherlands
T: +31 517 239 800

Opening hours
Mo. till Thu. 08:00 – 16:45
Friday 08:00 – 15:30

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Mo. till Thu. 07:00 – 16:15
Friday 07:00 – 14:45