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Miedema and Dewulf to form single team

The intended fusion between Dewulf and Miedema, made public in early September, is to be completed this year.This is the joint announcement of both companies. With the takeover of Miedema by Dewulf, the merged company will be the world's second largest in potato and vegetable machines.


Miedema and Dewulf both have a reputation for pursuing quality, ease of use and technical innovation, so it should come as no surprise that the new group has great ambitions. With this bundling of strengths Dewulf intends to accelerate its growth in the top quality segment. The company sees plenty of potential here, because potato production is rising worldwide
and the potato industry is becoming increasingly demanding in its expectations for planting, harvesting and processing technologies.


New line of top quality machines

Dewulf and Miedema are already hard at work on a new line of machines to be introduced in phases during the coming years. ‘Every machine must be the best in its class. Our ambition is nothing less,’ says Hendrik Decramer, R&D manager.


‘In the potato and vegetable growing industry, man and machine are expected to handle a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time each season. We strive to make the complexity of advanced technologies accessible through smart machines that are extremely comfortable to use, so that every potato farmer, around the globe, can do their work quickly
and well,’ says Decramer.


One team

Dewulf and Miedema will also adopt a unified company appearance. ‘To work well as a team, it helps to compete in the market with a single identity,’ says global marketing director Guido Mangnus. The implementation of a unified house style will begin before the end of the year, making it clear to the market that both brands are operating under the same flag. The biggest step will be taken by Miedema, which will adopt the Dewulf colours’.


Premiere during Interpom

An important reason for the visual fusion of both brands is the presentation at international events. The premiere of the new house style will be during the Interpom in Kortrijk, Belgium, to be held 23-25 November.

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