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Product introduction Miedema MH 201 hopper

Building on the success of the MH 200, Miedema now introduces the MH 201, a longer version of the existing receiving hopper. The extra length is found in the conveyor belt, now 5.7 metres long, which is 110 cm longer than that of the MH 200.


The greater length increases the volume of this receiving hopper, which means this version has a higher buffer capacity. The first 110 cm of the bottom belt is level, so it is now also easy to work with tipping trailers that extend farther beyond their pivot point. The flat bottom belt prevents rolling, eliminating the risk of product being crushed beneath the bottom of the tipping trailer.


Ease of use

In addition to the introduction of new models, Miedema has also invested significantly in the ease of operation of the entire MH series. To enable users to quickly and efficiently switch between cleaning alone and cleaning with pre-sorting, the new Lift-Set has been greatly improved. The pre-sorting rollers can be easily removed by one person in less than two minutes, without any tools. The buttons on the control panel are arranged by section, from left to right. The MH series is standard equipped with Miedema Start-Control functionality, enabling the operator to start the entire storage line at the touch of a button.


Greatly improved Smart-Pin

To optimise the cleaning capacity, particularly with heavy clay soils, the ‘Smart-Pin’ has been improved. The cleaning pin has been reinforced and is now easier to adjust, and the roller detection has been perfected. As such, the Smart-Pin smoothly grasps the right roller. The coil rollers remain clean, and the cleaning capacity is maintained even under the most
demanding conditions.

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