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Planting technology

The best harvest is achieved by creating ideal conditions while planting the potatoes. By using the best machine for your specific growing objective, you optimize the crop yield right at the start, during planting.  Regular spacing in the row, correct planting depth and good ridge formation are the key factors when it comes to creating ideal growing conditions. Miedema planters form the perfect basis for the best potato-growing conditions.

Our potato planters give you the best results for your specific production goals.Belt planter vs. cup planter

The Miedema Structural belt planter provides optimum stem distribution by varying spacing in the row based on the size of the potato. This results in the ideal growing process and a more homogeneous end product. A positive side-effect is the relatively high planting speed, the ability to plant large tubers, and a sprout-friendly system. With the Structural belt planter, it’s easy to plant a wide variety of potato sizes.


The Miedema CP cup planter guarantees very accurate spacing in the row. A combination of a specially designed furrow opener, a small lower roller, special cups and a clever planting channel guarantee the best placement of your potatoes. Thanks to the large top roller, this precision is maintained even at higher planting speeds.


Create optimum growing conditions simply and easily!

Miedema planters provide the best start towards a good harvest. The choice of different options saves you not only working passes and time, but also creates the best growing conditions for your potato plants.

The planting process is fully optimised by options such as HMI GPS Planting Comfort. You can easily lay out your section and tramlines from your tractor cab. A large, well-organised display with intuitive icons provides you with a quick overview of the planting statistics. This allows you to change the planting settings on the fly, as soon as you recognise where there is room for improvement. A ridging hood with our unique automatic fill control (MR-Control) makes for a perfectly formed ridge which does not erode over the course of the season.

If you opt for HMI GPS Planting Control, you can also set the dosage of fertiliser or granulate automatically using a job card (.shp). Connecting to the GPS system in your tractor allows you automatically to switch planting elements on or off at the headland. The land is used to best advantage and there is no wastage.

The above features of Miedema planters form the basis for the best growing conditions for your potatoes and the best result from your crop.

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