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RF rotary cultivator

RF rotary cultivator

Miedema - RF rijenfrees


The Miedema RF rotary cultivator can be used as either a full-field or row cultivator. It requires little power and saves on fuel costs. You no longer have to spend time on tedious cleaning because the hood is self-cleaning. The Miedema RF cultivator produces the best seedbed.


Full-field version

Breaks up even the hardest soil!The full-field version of the RF is ideal for preparing planting beds for potatoes. It breaks up even the hardest soil to form a good planting bed. Ultra-strong, hardened steel tines and a reliable drive ensure the maximum amount of loose soil.


Outstanding for forming ridges or beds in which all kinds of crops can be planted or sown.

Rotary version

The rotary version of the Miedema RF is suitable for ridging soil for potatoes, carrots, endive, chicory or flower bulbs. The robust stainless steel ridge formers create voluminous, firm, identically shaped ridges. The ridge formers let you drive faster through lighter kinds of soil. RF cultivators are available in many sizes and versions: 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-row configurations and for 75 cm, 90 cm and 36 inch rows. Do you have specific requirements? If so, Miedema will seek a suitable solution for you. The RF is also available as a front rotary cultivator (Miedema RFF) with cage roller and land leveller plate.

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