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Single and duo belt conveyor MC

Single and duo belt conveyor MC

MC conveyor 
User friendless, reliability and capacity are the main characterise for the transportation of your product in the intake lines. The MC (Miedema Conveyor) range offers all these benefits combined in one machine. The trough shaped conveyor assures you a large product flow with low belt speed in the conveyor and the thick layer of product reduces the dropping heights and thus the damage to the product. The special belt shape can even increase the loading capacity on the belt up to 30% especially in combination with the continuously variable belt speeds. The PVC conveyor with integrated scrapers assures that soil cannot stick on the transport belt. Variable length settings can be achieved by means of the manually operated length adjustment, electrical length adjustment is optional.


The benefits of the single and duo belt conveyor:

1. Deep troughed belt, high capacity
2. PVC belt, strong, light, less sticky
3. Easy to operate
4. High manouverability
5. Wide and stable undercarriage
6. Energy efficient, minimal 50% less energy consumption compared with hydraulic drive
7. No energy consumption when machine is stand-by
8. Several options, also retro-fittable
9. Open chassis, no dirt pillings
10. Start-Control standard
11. Farmer models, 2 belt speeds, 21 and 42 m/min
12. Normal models, variable belt speed: 20-72 m/min

13. Several lengths available
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