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Store loaders ML 80

ML 80-serie store loaders

New ML: 150 ton, at 50 m/min, at 5 meters discharge height



The ML 80-serie store loaders with lengths of 16, 19 and 22 metres really shine when it comes to ease of use, with a control box that is integrated into the design of the machine. A wired (or optional wireless) remote control makes it simple to operate all the essential functions and makes the machine a true pleasure to work with. The store loader can be completely configured to customer specifications, through the choice of three filling programs: Farmer, Comfort, Dynamic. ‘Farmer’ is a standard filling program, which makes use of ultrasonic side-wall detection instead of poles. ‘Comfort’ is intended for filling a storage cell in layers. The new, innovative ‘Dynamic’ filling program is also suitable for filling in layers and includes the extra Top-Fill option, incline angle capacity compensation and virtual side walls. ‘Top-Fill’ keeps the ML at a constant height while filling the last layer. ‘Capacity compensation’ runs the belt at higher speed as the incline angle increases. Moreover, you have the option of virtually adjustable side walls (swivel limitation).

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